Charles Bukowski talking to my wife in bed

“We’re much better at that than when we started.”

“Isn’t that true of anything?

“Not running, we’re worse at that.”

“I’d rather get better at what we just did, than running.”

“People who run all the time are stupid.
They’ve no creativity, not like poets.”

“Is that right?”

“All those runners, bench pressers,
body combaters, jazz-a-sizers,
they probably think they’re the only ones
any good at it—
but they’re wrong.”

“You know you’re narrowing
your audience.”

“Well, they were never going to open up
to this page anyway, so no loss
—but I have to see them
in public
running, riding their bicycles
in expensive fluro shirts;
I have to see
their dumb faces
walking down the street after 3 hours
at the gym,
I should be able to say
in my own poem
hardly anyone
will read, that poets
do it best.”


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